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SBA loans are notoriously tricky, and business transactions are no different. However, we are closing more SBA loans for business purchases than most banks in the country – how are we able to do this?

Well, we are in the midst of the greatest wealth transfer we’ve ever experienced in generations past. With “baby-boomer” business owners reaching retirement age at record numbers, and with the delays caused by the COVID-effect on business revenues in the last few years, we are seeing more and more business sales funded with SBA loans than ever in our 25-year history.

We can help make the SBA loan process for buying a business easier and will guide you through how to become a business owner with as little as 10% cash down. And, with the SBA’s new guidelines, as little as 5% cash can be used – if you have a willing seller!

But our true value extends beyond that…

The Secret Sauce: We Understand Business

Here’s an important tidbit to know: We have “context” as actual business owners – something you won’t find with most bankers. We help our clients navigate the SBA guidelines and know how to creatively structure a loans based on each client’s unique goals, strengths and future business strategy. Whereas other lenders will turn down loans that don’t fit into “their box”, we utilize our special skill set to find ways to structure a loan for success.

The Extra: If we issue a term sheet – we’ll close your loan

We hear it all the time: a client submits a loan application to the bank or a lender, they hear nothing for a month or more, only to get rejected after wasting weeks or months of time. There’s one major difference here – we don’t get paid to push your application around – we only get paid when we close your loan.

When you start the SBA loan application to buy a business at ComCapFL, you can’t afford to “hurry up and wait” or you may risk losing the deal to another buyer. At ComCapFL, it’s one-and-done: one application and one (refundable) deposit. Unlike the bank or other lenders, we won’t give you “lip service” – once we pre-approve your loan, we’ll close your loan.

We close more than 98% of the loans that we issue term sheets on.

Enjoy the Rewarding Benefits of Business Ownership

Whether you were ready yesterday or are just now thinking about buying a business with an SBA Loan, we’ve developed tools to assist our clients in navigating the tricky world of business acquisitions. Call us today to learn more, or click below to get started with identifying which loan is right for you.

Pre-Qualify for an SBA Loan with Us Today

In addition, ComCapFL also offers free pre-qualification letters. Before shopping for a business, you may need a PQ review…with just a few documents, we are able to issue this letter for you in 24-48 hours, which shows a broker or Realtor that you’re a serious buyer, and helps expedite the negotiations and sale process.

All pre-qualification letters are provided at no cost to you – with no obligation. Even though we’re confident that you’ll want to work with us, you’re never exclusively bound to us until you sign on the dotted line. To get the process started, email us at or call us at (888) 959-1648.