Our SBA loans department works with our own funds and a network of SBA-preferred direct lenders, closing more SBA loans than any other firm in the country. Let us help you finesse your SBA loan application so that it gets approved, fast.


$150K to $5 million

or up to 140% of your CRE value


10 & 25-year fully amortizing

Time to Close

2-weeks to 90-days


W.S.J. Prime + 2.75% max. or, 504 with fixed rate-low 4%'s

The SBA Loan Specialists

We call ourselves the "SBA Loan Specialists" because our firm closes more SBA loans than any other firm (or bank!) in the country. By utilizing our in-house funds and relationships with the strongest SBA PLP lenders available, we make the SBA loan process easier. Trusting us to close your SBA loan will ensure that the application and closing process will run smoothly, without ever having to start the process over from the beginning. (This happens A LOT when you begin with the wrong financing partner!) Count on our specialists to:

   ✓ Identify which SBA loan is right for you

   ✓ Make your application attractive while meeting the extensive criteria

   ✓ Secure multiple competitive offers from the nation’s top lenders

   ✓ Negotiate and Advocate on your behalf to close your SBA loan FAST

One application and one document request starts our 48-hour underwriting pre-approval process. Unlike with other brokers, you’ll have a partner throughout the process who guarantees your SBA loan will close. On schedule.

Note: Even though we work with lenders in the SBA’s Preferred Lender Program (PLP), SBA loans typically take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to get funded. If you need funds fast, then check out our Fast Business Loans.

About SBA Loans

SBA Loans are great for small businesses because the Small Business Administration (SBA) created them to encourage lenders to finance entrepreneurs like you. By meeting certain criteria, the SBA guarantees a portion of your loan, which lowers the loan's risk - getting you the best commercial loan rates and terms available.

The list of SBA loan uses is extensive and created to give you all of the tools to succeed. Most of the cases that we see require a series SBA 7(a) loan or SBA 504 loan.

SBA 7(a) Loans - the Most Flexible

The most flexible of the SBA loans is the SBA 7(a) series. Covering amounts of less than $150,000 all the way up to $5 million, these loans may be used to:

   ✓ Purchase Land/Building for Your Business

   ✓ Finance Construction for Your Business

   ✓ Buy a Business

   ✓ Expand a Business

   ✓ Refinance Existing Debt

   ✓ Buy Supplies, Inventory for Your Business

   ✓ Add a Marketing Campaign

   ✓ Purchase Equipment or Machinery for Your Business

Use SBA 7(a) loans to fund all your business's needs.

SBA - 504 Loans

These loans are more specific than SBA 7(a) loans, with funding up to $30 million. To qualify, a business must be stabilized and and have an experienced commercial real estate owner. Projects that qualify for this type of funding include:

   ✓ Purchase an existing building or refinance a higher-cost loan

   ✓ Building a new facility

   ✓ Renovating an existing facility

   ✓ Buying land or make land improvements (i.e. parking lots, landscaping)

   ✓ Investing in machinery or equipment

   ✓ Refinancing debt incurred through the expansion, renovation, or repair

SBA 504 loans provide you with up to 90% LTV financing, fixed interest rates, longer amortizations, and no balloon payments.

NEW EXPRESS SBA Loans -100% LTV and Fast!

Express SBA loans can be funded in 2 weeks and deliver 100% LTV on amounts from $50,000 to $150,000. Like SBA 7(a) loans, these express loans can be used for almost anything except for purchasing real estate for your business. You must have “good” business and personal credit to qualify for these loans, as the application includes an automated credit check. These loans are best used for:

  ✓ Working capital

   ✓ Investing in machinery or equipment

   ✓ Renovating an existing facility

   ✓ Purchasing inventory

   ✓ Consolidating business debt

Besides being the only SBA loan to offer 100% LTV, the SBA fees on these loans are waived! Another perk: no prepayment penalties.

SBA Loans for Every Business Use

Every company has its own unique requirements. The list of SBA loan uses gives your business all of the tools to succeed. Use SBA loans for virtually any business use including:


Start a new business or purchase a franchise - only with SBA.


Every business needs the right equipment to operate. Whether its computers or specialized diagnostics, SBA has you covered.


Retail or other, the right inventory and supplies are required for success.


Most businesses accumulate debt during their early stages. Let SBA refinance and consolidate more expensive debt into favorable terms.


Emergencies happen sometimes requiring expensive repairs. Whether you own or lease, your growing business may require other building improvements.


Working capital provides a cushion for those unexpected expenses. Marketing, new hires, advertising - did we cover everything?

Not sure if an SBA loan is right for your business?

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