Every commercial real estate loan under the sun and the expertise to find which one is perfect for your needs. That makes us “your ultimate commercial money source.”


From $100K

to $100MM+


Up to 40 year amortizations

Fixed rates up to 15 year

Floating & Hybrid options

Time to Close

10 -  45 days


Fixed: 5 year-low 4%'s
Floating: prime+180bps
Hybrid: Various options
Am: 3/5/7/8/10/15 yr
Gov't programs: high 3's

An entire world of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Smart investors understand that the right commercial real estate loans can make all the difference. As a branch of Commercial Capital Ltd., we’ve earned our reputation as one of the “Nation’s Top 500 Lenders” by providing a virtual universe of commercial real estate loan programs with rates, terms and features for every type of investment, including:


All CRE property types (see list below)

Bridge, preferred equity and short term solutions

Permanent senior loans with choice of rate, term and amortization


Rate and Term only

Cash out

Renovations, Repairs & Improvements



Single Unit Construction

Ground-up Development & Construction Projects

Purchase Mortgages - Lines of Credit

Fix & Flip (Purchase -Renovate-Sell)

Fix & Lease (Purchase -Renovate-Hold)

Special USE CRE Loans

Not all commercial real estate mortgages are as easy as Purchase, Refinance or Construction. When the project calls for special Use loan programs, we've got you covered with every Special Use program available:

Full, Lite and No Documentation Programs

Do you have a "just-missed" loan request, or perhaps a special purpose property? Thanks to our vast resources and programs, when the corner bank says "No" - in most cases we can easily say "Yes".

A few examples:

  • Income property -not fully stabilized
  • Special use property types
  • Longer, fixed rate amortization periods
  • High leverage/Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios
  • Property in need of renovations, improvements or repairs
  • Bridge/Mezz or Pref/JV Equity-to-Perm
  • Under-leased property
  • Property leased for less than Fair Market Value

These, and many more programs you won't find at the corner bank - all available here at Commercial Capital Ltd. FL.

Non-Recourse Loans

A recourse loan allows a lender to seek repayment from the borrower's other assets and income if they fail to repay the debt on time.

Non-Recourse loans implies the opposite and generally available to large corporate investors or high-quality, stabilized properties.

Full Documentation

Alternative documentation is a process designed to expedite loan approval where the lender accepts specific documents from the borrower documents as verification of income made on the loan application.

In a Full Document loan, the borrower provides all forms of financial documentation including tax returns, personal financials, credit and historical & current property operating statements and rent rolls.


Light Documentation

Light Documentation ("Lite Doc") loans require the borrower to provide a less stringent version of financial documents that may include W-2s, paycheck stubs and bank statements. The loan decision is weighted on lighter underwriting requirement and examination of the applicant's financial documentation, and the associated income property documents.

These loans often offer more flexibility than conventional and traditional loans, and might be a good option for borrowers with special situations including recently acquired properties, properties acquired through REO or foreclosure sales, partially stabilized properties or urgent closing deadlines. These are also very useful when the collateral value is higher than the cash flow supports.

No Documentation

No Documentation ("No Doc") loans require even less financial documentation than Lite Doc loans. These loans  offer more flexibility than Full or Lite Doc loans, and are also an option for borrowers with special situations, recently
acquired or partially stabilized properties and when the collateral value is higher than the cash flow supports.

They are especially useful alternatives for self-employed or recently divorced borrowers.

Plug In to our CRE loans

At ComCapFL, we’ll plug you right in to commercial real estate loans. We can show you options and programs that you probably never knew existed. Our extensive background in real estate gives us the expertise to not only guide you to your most perfect loan or refinance, but to close it faster than anyone else. We’ll work with you to make your commercial real estate loan application undeniable, and act as your partner until the deal is done. Bottom line: we have the financing options and the ability to close faster than anyone else, saving you time and money (and headaches!) Let us show you how much easier commercial real estate investment can be.


Commercial Capital Ltd. has Commercial Real Estate loans available for virtually every use and Property Type including:










Not sure about your commercial property type?


Special purpose property types include these and more:


Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Living, Over 55


Medical, Dental, and Healthcare-related


Mini-Storage, Mobile Home Park


Resort, Hotel, Motel, Bed & Breakfast


Marina, Golf Course


Gas Station, Convenience Store, Car Wash.

Another commercial property type? Give us a call or click to learn more now:

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