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This client ran a very successful female-owned salon and spa in our very own backyard. Upon inspecting her financials, we saw that she had impeccable cash flow, credit and liquidity  – which made it a no-brainer when she came to us wanting to expand. Her goal was to purchase a historic building that was being vacated by a government entity, and effectively double the size of her salon and spa business.

Initially, she went to her local bank where they promptly declined the request based on a very surface inspection of her business financials. They didn’t take the time to look deep enough, or they would have seen what we saw: a year-to-date trend that was headed toward multiples over her previous year, and growing steadily.

Once we had a chance to fully review her request, we determined that all she needed to do was file the current year’s tax return, and then our specialists would be able to use proforma projections and a sharp pencil to illustrate the cash flow and trends.

From there, we approved her for the real estate purchase – and with an SBA loan, she put only 10% cash down! She put the other 15% that she would have given to the bank towards improvements to the new building instead! And on top of that, with her good credit and financial strength, she also qualified for a very special, low interest rate and a 25-year amortization to help keep her payments low so she can get a strong start to her new location.

What’s the lesson here? We are the place to go when the banks say “no”. Let us review your request before giving up – just give us a call at (888) 959-1648 or email us at to discuss your goals. Remember, it costs nothing to review your loan options with ComCapFL!