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 Commercial Capital Ltd. - fl oFFICES 

Commercial Capital Ltd. is a direct private/bridge money lender and a one-stop shop for all your commercial financing needs. The firm is comprised of independently-owned offices nationwide and is consistently ranked in the "top 500" best lenders in the nation (Crittenden's Research™). We are originators for several of our own funds, and our extensive network of over 300 affiliate investors includes banks, REIT's, private equity funds, life insurers and C.M.B.S. We have earned our reputation by providing "best in class" solutions for commercial money with better options, rates and terms than any other firm.

Whether you’re a current or future business owner or a commercial real estate investor, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify your perfect commercial loan and close it, fast. Unlike other companies or websites, we go beyond brokerage and take on an active role in securing your future. Our team's expertise is built on highly successful business and investment backgrounds, making us the ultimate commercial loan architect and advocate for you.

We understand that there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all' scenario for commercial loans, which is why we never try to "sell" a loan or simply “match" a loan with a lender. Instead, we start with understanding YOUR unique requirements as well as your short and long term goals. Then, armed with our own funds and a network of more than 300 lenders and loan programs, we design and artfully close your perfect loan. We build relationships one client at a time, treating you like a partner from start to finish. If we accept your loan request, consider it CLOSED — we place our reputation on it.


Purchase, refinancing or new construction? Leverage our experience and expansive resources to find the perfect loan for your commercial real estate requirements.


When it comes to your business’s needs, why take a chance at the corner bank? We are “the SBA Specialists” - and we consistently rank in the top tier for SBA closings, nationwide.


Need working capital fast? Our Fast Business Loans close in just days. If your business needs it now, count on us to push the deal through - really fast.

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Our team is here for you

Whether it's a commercial real estate loan, refinancing for real estate, or a fast loan for your business, we've got you covered. We are confident that we have the right loan programs for your unique individual loan requirements. Our extensive resources include local banks, private banks, private equity funds, life insurance companies and national credit unions, allowing us to provide the loan that fits your needs perfectly.

In addition to commercial real estate lending, we are also one of the nation’s top SBA and business loan experts. Whether you are just getting your company started, are ready for expansion and growth, need working capital, or are looking to purchase that perfect office, our wide choices of lender programs cover virtually anything.

Let us take the stress out of the loan process. When we agree to take on your loan, we become your partner in the journey. We'll guide you through the process from application to close, anticipating any challenges in advance and standing behind your loan. If we take on your loan, we'll close your loan — so you can stay focused on making your investment or business the best it can be. Start the process today by using our no-risk Loan Finder below to identify your best loan options in under 3-minutes.

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