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Commercial Capital Ltd., FL is a direct private/bridge money lender and a one-stop shop for your commercial loans, including real estate mortgages, SBA business loans, fast business loans and more. We are originators for several of our own funds, and our extensive network of over 300 affiliate investors includes banks, REIT's, private equity funds, C.M.B.S. and life insurers. Our reputation has been built on taking the stress out of the commercial loan process, by providing the best solutions for commercial money with better options, rates and terms than any other firm.

Whether you’re a seasoned commercial real estate investor or a current or future business owner, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify your perfect commercial loan and close it, fast. Unlike other companies or websites, we go beyond brokerage and take on an active role in securing your future. Our team's expertise is built on highly successful business and investment backgrounds, making us the ultimate commercial loan architect and advocate for you.


We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all scenario for commercial loans, which is why we never try to sell a loan or simply match a loan with a lender. Instead, we start with understanding YOUR unique requirements as well as your short and long term goals. Then, armed with our own funds and a network of more than 300 lenders and loan programs, we design and artfully close your perfect loan.

We build relationships one client at a time, treating you like a partner from start to finish. If we accept your loan request, consider it CLOSED — we place our reputation on it.

Commercial REAL ESTATE

Purchase, refinancing or new construction? Leverage our experience and expansive resources to find the perfect loan for your commercial real estate requirements.


When it comes to your business’s needs, why take a chance at the corner bank? We are The SBA Specialists and we're consistently ranked in the top tier nationwide.


Need cash flow to secure or stabilize your CRE? Utilize our Private Bridge Fund as a short-term solution for making improvements, renovations or repairs to your CRE prior to stabilizing.

Our Team Is Here for You

Let us take the stress out of the loan process. When we agree to take on your loan, we become your partner in the journey. We'll guide you through the process from application to close, anticipating any challenges in advance and standing behind your loan. If we take on your loan, we'll close your loan — so you can stay focused on making your investment or business the best it can be. Start the process today by using our no-risk Loan Finder below to identify your best loan options in under 3 minutes. No annoying follow-up calls, no email spamming - just a clear picture of your best options.

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What our clients are saying...

"I had a major project with multiple moving parts, between several bankers, insurance companies, real estate agents and contractors. Dave, Mary and Mike's efforts were far beyond expectations. They treated the project as if it were their own and they treated me like a family member. I honestly could not have undergone this gigantic, confusing, and complex endeavor without their expertise and professionalism. I am very grateful to them for helping me achieve and surpass my dream. Also, I have found friends for life and I truly appreciate them."

- Dr. Scott Arnold, Tampa, FL

"Commercial Capital Ltd., FL helped me purchase my first two warehouses for my business. They helped with all the paperwork and loan details. They made the entire process so simple with zero headaches. They are very attentive to your needs. I highly recommend this company."

- Elite Custom Granite, Port St. Lucie, FL

"It is my pleasure to refer to you for how well you have taken care of [my wife’s] business loan requirements! Lots of people wouldn't have tried and dismissed her chances of owning her dream…I hope many more owner-prospects come your way. You care, always keep us in the loop and are a master of what you do, so thank you! [For my new practice], also, we took your advice........we bought a house! I hope the lenders see this as getting (more) established and ready to take on risk rather than discouraged from it [as you recommended]".

- Dr. Ryan H, Birmingham, AL

"I highly recommend Dave and his team. They worked with me to find the right solution to meet our growth. Through his efforts and steerage, we were able to complete a SBA loan that has my company setup for anticipated growth year over year. I trust Dave with my business financial needs and when he says he can do it, he actually can."

- Karen Warr, Melbourne, FL

"Dave is the last commercial loan expert you’ll ever need to meet! As a branch of Commercial Capital, Ltd, he has better resources available through his office, Commercial Capital Ltd. FL, for virtually every requirement imaginable. I met Dave several years ago, and have worked with him on many occasions for various financing requirements. As a Dental professional, I know that he understands the dental practice model from the “ground up”, and he has proven to be a great asset to me and through his efforts has saved me a great deal of time and money. Thanks to Dave, I'll never go to the "corner bank" again!

- Dr. Nilo H., DDS, Naples, FL

"Dave thank you so very much you have truly been a joy to work with all along. I long forward to a long working relationship with you and Jerry and myself"

- James S., LPT, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"As I continue to add new practices to my group, my business growth financing requirements are never a concern anymore. Dave ALWAYS produces and closes loans for me whenever the need arises. Don't waste time going anywhere else! " -

Dr. Pauline D, DDS, St. Helena, CA

"Btw Dave, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done. I've learned so much in the limited times we have sat together. To me its invaluable. I want to take the business to next level. I see what you’re saying. Thanks"

-Dana C., Graphics, Melbourne, FL

"YOU are the best!!!

Look what you have lined up for me! It's like a dream come true for me!! Sincerely, I think you are one of my guardian angels! I'm so lucky to have met you…I really look forward to a long friendship and great business relationship!!!"

 -Dr. P., DDS, Napa, CA

"I have watched Dave work tirelessly on behalf of his clients. He knows his business and is well connected in the industry. If it's at all possible for you to get financing, Commercial Capital will find a way to make it happen for you with the best terms possible. It's very much worth the time to give them a call and see what they can do for you."

-Mike D., Industrial Property Specialist, Orlando, FL

"I am SO THRILLED with my new credit score!!!!! I always dreamed of being in the 700 range! It seemed like such an impossible dream with that mortgage problem hanging over me like a dark cloud. And I have YOU to thank! You are such an expert at what you do! I’m blessed to know you and to be able to work with you."

- Dr. D, Rohnert Park, CA

Dave and Mary worked extremely hard successfully assisting my company in obtaining interim financing and refinancing my real estate to get the working capital we needed to move forward.
Dave is very professional and knows what he is doing. He helped me every step of the way, guided me through the process, and we closed the deal in less than a month.
Mary worked behind the scenes and made sure every t was crossed and i was dotted. She is great under pressure and made the process easy to get through.
I thank both of them for their efforts and when it's time to do this again, I will call them first.

-H. Thompson, Melbourne, FL

Mr. Dambro is absolutely the most knowledgeable commercial real estate mortgage professional I have had the pleasure of working with during my 30-plus years in business. He has closed several business loans for me that neither other firms nor banks could get a handle on.

-William Carlson, Indian Harbor Beach, FL

If you're tired of waiting around and answering endless questions that ultimately lead nowhere like I was, then I suggest you call Mr. Dambro.
Commercial Capital Ltd. FL and Dave Dambro helped me purchase my first two warehouses for my business. They helped with all the paperwork and loan details. They made the entire process so simple with zero headaches. They are very attentive to your needs. I highly recommend this company.

-Ivair J., President - Elite Custom Granite Corp.

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