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An SBA loan is notoriously complicated to close. However, at Commercial Capital Ltd., we close more SBA loans than many firms in the country. How are we able to do this?

By utilizing our in-house funds and relationships with the strongest SBA PLP (preferred lending partner) lenders available, we make the SBA loan process easier for our clients. Not only do we immediately know what to look for in your application, but our extensive experience also helps us spot issues quickly, so we can fix or modify them before they jeopardize the loan.

But our true value extends beyond that.

The Secret Sauce: Knowing the Lender’s SBA Loan Preferences

Here’s an important tidbit to know: If you’ve ever been rejected for an SBA loan before, there could be nothing wrong with your loan application – it could be that THAT particular lender didn’t like your loan. 🤯

That’s right! All SBA lenders have different requirements and preferences, and whether or not they approve your loan is purely subjective. That’s why working with our experts is so beneficial – during our 25 years in business, we have learned what certain lenders like, and thus we are able to cater your application and pitch to match their different preferences. With ComCapFL, there’s no guessing game, we do all the strategizing for you. All you have to do is provide the requested documents.

The Extra Sauce: One Application = Multiple Opportunities

We hear it all the time: a client submits a loan application to the bank or a lender, they hear nothing for a month or more, only to get rejected with no fee refund.

When you start the SBA loan application with the experts at ComCapFL, it’s one and done – one application and one (refundable) deposit. Unlike the bank or other lenders, once we pre-approve your loan, we’ll close your loan.

This is because we work as your partner in the process. When one lender closes the door, we’re able to repackage your application (and cater it to a new lender’s preferences, as explained above) and quickly move it on to a new lender. With our own fund and 300+ affiliate funds for us to work with, we’re confident we can find your loan a home and close it as quickly as possible…

Or we won’t accept the loan. It’s that simple!

Our SBA Loan Tools – Developed to Help YOU

Whether you were ready yesterday or are thinking about an SBA Loan in the future, we’ve developed tools to assist our clients in navigating the tricky world of commercial loans. One of these tools is the Loan Finder App.

Almost all of our activity begins with this app. In just a few minutes, Loan Finder is able to help you discover your loan options – no document uploads required, no social security number – and no commitment necessary. Try it out today!

In addition, ComCapFL also offers free pre-qualification letters. With just a few documents, we are able to issue this letter, which shows a broker or Realtor that you’re a serious buyer, and helps expedite the sale process.

All pre-qualification letters are provided in good faith – we’re confident that you’ll want to work with us, but you’re never exclusively bound to us until you sign on the dotted line. To get the process started, email us at

Bottom line – we are invested in your success! We want to help you strategize for your future, and take a personal role in making that success happen.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out our 5-star reviews on Google!