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The SBA has made some big changes – and made it easier for you to buy a business!

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s never been a better time to buy a business. And now, the SBA has simplified, streamlined, and stretched its 7a and 504 loan requirements to “address long-standing persistent capital access gaps, especially for small-dollar loans and under-served borrowers.” (Memo, Business Loan Program Improvements,

Have you recently been right on the edge, but didn’t quite qualify for an SBA loan? Well, it might be time to revisit your eligibility…

Here are the major program highlights that may change the game:

0% SBA Guaranty Fee (Upfront Fee Waived): Save thousands on new loans of $1,000,000 and less! This year, SBA is waiving its SBA guarantee fee for closings occurring October 1, 2023 through September 30, 2024.

Flexible Equity Injection (Lower Down Payments): Equity injection requirements have also been modified, offering more flexibility for buyers and sellers. Previously, the SBA required a down payment of at least 10%, but this has been amended to 5%…and in some cases, even 0%! For example, the seller can choose to offset 5%, and employees purchasing the company they work for may qualify with 0% down.

Partial Transfers: Now, partial transfers in ownership are eligible for 7(a) loans. This means the business owner can now sell you the majority interest of the company while still maintaining partial ownership – all without personally guaranteeing the loan. (Note: this partial transfer of ownership interest also applies to partnerships.)

We encourage you to explore how these revisions may change the game for you. If you have any questions or need assistance navigating these updates, please refer to the official announcement on the SBA website.

And as always, the ComCapFL team is here to discuss your deal and see if any of these SBA policy updates put you in a position to pursue business ownership or expansion, today. Contact us at or (888) 959-1648 to discuss your SBA loan options, or, get jump started in minutes by submitting your loan inquiry with Loan Finder:

And don’t forget —

You can also purchase commercial real estate for your business with an SBA loan! Buy an office, warehouse, a retail space OR even special-use properties like car washes, self-storage facilities, RV parks, AirBnB’s (and other short-term rentals) with SBA 7a and 504 loans.