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Jim Rohr has been working as a commercial loan specialist with Dave and Commercial Capital Ltd. since it began more than a decade ago. He leads his own office in Weston, FL, and lends his specialized expertise to construction, business acquisition, and commercial real estate in South Florida.

Jim can be reached at (954) 614-0100 or by email at

More About Jim Rohr:

Mr. Rohr began his career as a real estate investor in Virginia. He quickly learned that to be a successful investor he would need more education, so he acquired a real estate agent license and then an associate degree for his Virginia Real Estate Broker license. Realizing he really required a better understanding of real estate cash flow, Jim took most but not all the courses from IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) for his CPM and CCIM designations. Many consider a CCIM equivalate to a Masters in Commercial Real Estate.

This experience led him on to become a highly successful real estate investor. Throughout his 30+ years in real estate, Mr. Rohr purchased, renovated, and sold hundreds of investment apartments and homes. The path eventually led him into the commercial mortgage business where he brings his depth of understanding of the art of underwriting from both the investor and lender perspectives. Mr. Rohr is uniquely positioned to share his expertise, knowledge and experience to guide his clients through the countless strategies and loan options to assist them in accomplishing their commercial real estate investment and business goals.