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A red, "Sorry, We're Closed" sign hangs from the Capitol Building, cleverly depicting a government shutdown

At Commercial Capital Ltd. FL, we understand that navigating your agency loan (SBA, Freddie Mac, USDA) during a potential government shutdown can be a daunting prospect. After all, government shutdowns have historically lasted anywhere from 1-34 days! 😅 While delays may occur in government agency approvals, rest assured there are steps you can take to keep your loan moving forward smoothly.

Here are some essential tips to guide you through this potentially challenging period, should it soon commence:

Secure Your SBA Guarantee Number:

If you’re working with an SBA PLP (preferred lender program), an SBA-assigned file number is required to close. Most PLP lenders will request these early on when a shutdown is looming – ask yours. If you are not working with a PLP, and your lender hasn’t submitted your file to the SBA for their approval yet – then beware. Since the longest recent shutdown was 34 days, this could possibly put you at risk for substantial delays at the SBA while they try to catch up.

Advance Due Diligence:

While awaiting SBA approval, you can proactively work on all other sections of due diligence. By completing as much as possible in advance, you’ll reduce the time needed to close once you have the SBA approval letter in hand.

Explore Bridge-to-Agency Loans:

If your SBA or agency loan is on a tight deadline and a government shutdown threatens to derail your plans, don’t despair. Our firm offers Bridge Loans designed specifically to secure or sustain deals with SBA loan or bank loan pre-approval. These bridge loans mimic an SBA loan in structure and leverage, but are temporary, and interest-only — and get seamlessly folded into the SBA loan when it does finally close. Furthermore, we can close these loans in a matter of weeks, ensuring your deal stays on track.

In summary, if you’re working with us or directly with a PLP, you’ll have little to fear. At Commercial Capital Ltd. FL, our team of specialists is committed to ensuring your loan closes as quickly as possible. And if you’re looking to begin your SBA loan application, remember — we offer the same rates and terms as all SBA lenders, and at the same or better costs than those of traditional banks and lenders.Why go anywhere else?

Rest assured, we are here to support you through any challenging time. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team at 888-959-1648 or by email at