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2019: the year for construction and bridge loans

For ComCapFL, 2019 was the year of the Construction and Bridge Loan. Most of these mortgages were conventional, non-SBA, non-government loans — which confirms that not only are we able to secure multi-million dollar non-recourse loans, but we’re able to do so with an incredibly fast turnaround. For example:

Last week, we closed on a $3.7MM purchase and construction loan at 80% LTV. It was a conventional, non-SBA loan and the rate was 5.5% with no bank points. The tenant, a successful local restaurant, wanted to open their fifth location. We closed the loan in 31 days (from time of signing of the approval until it closed and funded!) This deal was strong; but the speed, execution, and terms were excellent.  Not to mention, the borrowers were very pleased.

Now, in the new year, there is still A LOT of money available for construction projects. We have some incredible niches, including the following incredible products:

  • GREEN and SBA 504 For Construction Projects up to $25MM

These loans will have blended rates close to 5% and are available for hotels, self storage, funeral homes, bowling alleys and many other special purpose properties. This is considered a “very hot product” and will often take the Loan to Cost (LTC) up to 85-90%! With a green project, we can do SBA loans — even if you have maxed out your SBA eligibility. Call ComCapFL today to discuss your options.

  • NON-RECOURSE For larger construction projects above $5MM up to $100MM

First Mortgage Bridge Debt Up to 80%-85% for Multi-family in Major Metros (75-80% for other main property types including hotels!)  Rates tend to be around the 8.5% mark. THIS IS PRIVATE MONEY, NON-GOVERNMENT DEBT, which means quicker closings. It is the lowest-cost, high-LTC/non-recourse money available and we have it — at ComCapFL.

  • 100% Construction Money For Credit Tenant NNN Construction Projects

If you have a signed NNN lease from a credit tenant and need money to build out the space, we can get up to 100% of cost on that project. Of course, we can fund smaller projects as well (although the local banks do a pretty good job on the small stuff already.)

If you have deals that are too large or need higher LTC than the banks are willing to do, then trust in SMB lenders like the team here at ComCapFL. With more than 30 years of experience in real estate, business development and finance, we can help guide you to your perfect loan solutions, be it bridge loans or otherwise. Bring your loan request to us, and our experts will review the loan for FREE and deliver terms in writing within 48 hours. As we always say — there is no cost to get an expert second opinion and possibly, an approval!Call us today at 888-959-1648 or e-mail your scenario to

When most lenders say no, we say yes.  Over 90% of our closed loans were denied somewhere else BEFORE coming to ComCapFL.  When you present us with your loan requirements, we quickly preview the loan and if doable, kick out terms at no cost to anyone.  Once you move forward with us, we sink our teeth into the deal and have the tenacity to get that deal done even in today’s crazy market.