Our Commercial Loan Funds

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Commercial Loan Funds and Programs

As a branch of Commercial Capital, Ltd., we close more commercial loans then 98% of the BANKS in the country. With our deep knowledge of the industry and ability to understand your unique opportunities and needs, we’re able to find and close the right loan for you. Unlike other firms, we are able to do this because we are the Nexus connecting hundreds of lenders and financial resources. Our diverse funds provide the flexibility to close virtually every loan under the sun - and then some.

Our Funds and Investors

In addition to originating for our In-house Funds, our affiliate funds and investors include:

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Banks & Bank Funds

Many banks have added private funds for CRE specialty investments without the confines of typical bank mortgages.

Life Insurance Funds for Commercial Real Estate


Providing the best rates and terms for stabilized properties with national credit tenants.

Nation Credit Union commercial real estate funds

National Credit Unions

Credit Unions are active in community reinvestment and provide some of the most flexible funding.

Private Equity funds for commercial real estate mortgages


Specialty and niche lending comes via an array of PE Funds for specific property types and overall risk profiles. Choosing the right PE fund based on specific property and loan type niches results in better rates, terms and faster closings from these "target-specific" niche investors.

REIT funds for commercial real estate loans


A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT is a private equity fund with specific focus on real estate debt instruments.

CMBS commercial real estate mortgages


Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS), or "Conduit" is a private debt investment underwritten for stabilized property types, generally over $5mm and with national credit tenants. CMBS is a security and offers the lowest 10-year fixed rate available and an assumable mortgage.

Portfolio investors for commercial real estate mortgages


These funds don't sell their investments in the secondary markets. This feature allows greater flexibility for "near miss" or early investments in commercial mortgages that most investors can't consider.


Family office funds for commercial real estate investment


Generally comprised of one or more significant family investment pools, these investors are target-specific. They can be more flexible in decisions to make larger investments with their private funds.




Balance Sheet or Portfolio investor for commercial real estate mortgages


Private investors provide "hard money" and asset-based lending. Various property types and risk profiles use hard money lenders for acquisition, bridge and short term CRE mortgages with fast closings.




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